Memorial Day | We will be closed on Monday May 29th . We do have auditions @artisanct last updated : 5/22/23

Policies and Procedures

Artisan Center Theater is a 501(C)3 non-profit.
Your Charitable contribution is fully tax-deductible.

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  1. Artisan Academy does not require students or instructors to be masked or vaccinated. Both the students and instructors are welcome to wear a mask if they feel inclined.
  2. If a student is experiencing symptoms, or has had known direct exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, it is recommended they be tested before returning to a large group setting so as to limit the possibility of transmission
  3. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, Artisan Academy recommends that CDC isolation guidelines are followed, and that the student does not return to classes until the recommended quarantine period has been completed.

Our Story

Since 2003, Artisan Center Theater has served the community with high-quality, family friendly entertainment, theatrical education for youth, that includes dance and performing arts classes throughout the year, and community outreach programs serving local schools and senior centers across Tarrant County. Donations from corporations, individuals, national funding and local charities are necessary to keep the arts strong, to nurture creativity and promote advancement in the arts. Production and royalty costs are higher than ever before and impact our ability to expand our reach to the community in which we serve. A critical part of Artisan’s mission is to keep our ticket prices low so families of all income brackets can afford to see–and feel–the magic of live theatre. Artisan Center Theater is not just a theater, but quite literally the public’s theater, a community resource that is dedicated to serving everyone

Our Artisan Academy Mission and Vision

Artisan Academy believes that all who seek an education in theatre should have access to one. We aim to work as a team to create outstanding performers and professional young adults through rigorous and challenging programs that prepare young theatre artists to compete and excel in the professional theatrical world.

Our Commitment

Artisan Academy is committed to serving the next generation of performing artists with inclusivity, positivity, and equity. Artisan Academy strives to create a sense of belonging among students and instructors, opportunities for all to use their talents to express stories that are their own and true to the values of Artisan Center Theater, and opportunities for all to experience growth in their theatrical craft that benefits them on and off the stage.